The Beginner! Series​


Our simple step by step videos are designed for parents of children (diagnosed or undiagnosed) with speech delays, Autism, Sensory issues, ADHD and Neurodiverse conditions to help manage and/or eliminate behavioral challenges using the ABA method.

Looking for answers to “meltdowns, crying, hitting, undesirable behaviors displayed by your little ones? You have come to the right place!

  • These series will teach you a variety of topics and techniques such as Eloping where we give helpful insight for safe behaviors with “flight risks” for parent and child. Eliminate eloping by practicing in the home first.
  • We also introduce our Calm Body Calm Voice technique where we aim to help your child to manage emotions at an early age in a safe way.
  • Later in the course, we will walk you through the Asking for Help exercise which is the most import tool to help your child cut down on meltdowns.
  • Other topics include Baby Sign and vocalization among others.