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We offer programs for:

Parents - Undiagnosed & Diagnosed Chilren

For parents with undiagnosed children looking for answers and they want to work with their child in the privacy of their home.

For parents with diagnosed children that would like to apply ABA methods at home.

Teachers - General ED & SpED

For teachers that do not possess the skills of working with a child with special needs.

For teachers that will like to learn apply simple techniques to assist the child and gain a better understanding into the world of special needs, and assist the child to mainstream.

Workers - Child Protective Services

For Social Workers, Legal Guardians and Foster Care.

This series will provide help and knowledge to those who work in the Child Protective Services.

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Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

I have dedicated my working life to helping families of children with special needs. My first experience was helping my widowed uncle care for his only child, my cousin Anna when she was 4 years old. Anna is 23 now, and back then, there were few, if any programs or resources available to parents in need.

I continued to work with countless families with children of all ages and various degrees of special needs. I worked at a school for children with Autism, Cognitive Behavioral Conditions, Non-Verbal, and Socially non-interactive skills, where I became proficient in the ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) technique. I was amazed at the results.

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