Learn how to foster emotional well-being and build resilience in your child. Explore key aspects of mental health, identify warning signs of common childhood disorders, and acquire practical strategies to promote positive emotional development.

Behavior Packages

Looking for answers to “meltdowns, crying, hitting, undesirable behaviors displayed by your little ones?

You have come to the right place!

Our simple step by step videos are designed for parents of children (diagnosed or undiagnosed) with speech delays, Autism, Sensory issues, ADHD and Neurodiverse conditions to help manage and/or eliminate behavioral challenges using the ABA method.

The Beginner! Series


¡Series de Principiantes!


What they say

Useful Advise

January 25, 2023

The videos are very clear and helpful. Elizabeth explains the techniques in a calm and precise way. As a former teacher I can see how her suggestions would be very helpful. It is hard to stay calm and consistent but it works. Her techniques can work with toddlers as well as primary students. I would imagine her techniques would really be helpful with special needs children.


Staying Calm

January 12, 2023

Elizabeth’s lessons have helped us tremendously. Staying calm while working with our child through her struggle on regulating her emotions has been tough. In reviewing these videos and remembering that saying calm and providing praise constantly has made a huge difference. Thank you Elizabeth for your support!


Answer to my prayers!!!

January 8, 2023

Calm Body Calm Minds is informative and easy to adapt to my everyday struggles to relate to my child. It teaches me how to respond to him and how to get him to respond to me. Elizabeth’s calm approach is easy to mimic. She emphasizes staying in control, watching for signals and responding in a positive manner. This is an easy method for me to practice to help modify my child’s behavior in a positive way and alleviate my frustration by modifying my behavior. It’s A Win Win!!! Thank You Calm Body Calm Minds.